Chris Forry

(Chris) Forry has been fronting bands since he was 13. He began singing with his church and school choirs as a youngster eagerly absorbing all the music he could. "I would say my friends introduced me to a lot of great music. I've always had a large group of friends with extremely varying tastes". His first true band was "The Stoned Poets", started with Izzy Rivers of RiverBend. That band eventually morphed into Eleventhour which was very active band at the time (between 1997 and 2001) recording with producers such as Jon Plum and often performing with artists such as Brandi Carlile. Forry moved to Los Angeles when he was 21 to see the world on his own terms. While in Los Angeles he recorded many sessions as a studio demo singer. After 3 or so years off on his own, he decided to return to Seattle. "I missed my friends, I missed my family. It was time to come home, plus RiverBend started gigging a lot and I was missing all their shows", he laughs. Upon returning to Seattle he met his match in a beautiful, amazingly talented singer/guitar player Stephanie Smith. He met her while she was performing with her cover band. The two dated for several years while Forry jammed with various friends. One afternoon it clicked and they decided they should start a band. The rest is history in the making!

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