Well, it's Saturday morning, Pretty Enemy is getting ready to play our drummer, Chris Kiger's, brothers, wedding. It's been raining like crazy all week, but it's surprizingly nice out. Hope it stays this this way, it's an outdoor wedding, so I've been a little stressed out. However my stress is probably nothing compared to the brides level of anxiety. We learned a bunch of covers for the wedding some may remain in our repertoire, some probably won't. I always hate playing weddings not because I hate weddings, but because there's a lot of pressure to not mess up. Weddings and Funerals are the worst. These are days people will remember for the rest of their lives . The last time I played a wedding, I was playing a Bryan Adams song as the was walking down the aisle, when it came to the bridge I totally forgot the guitar part and the lyrics and the word F%#K just fell out of my mouth. I couldn't stop myself I didn't realize I had said it out loud until I looked up and noticed a few disapproving looks, but, for the most part I don't think a lot of people heard, but I was embarassed all the same. I believe for the ceremony at that wedding I played all the music that wasn't on tape as well. Being pretty much the only singer in my family, or musician really for that matter, I am always asked to play family members weddings, funerals, birthdays, circumcisions, whateva. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to do it, it gets me out of having to buy a gift. I just care a lot that everyones day is perfect, and I don't want to be the one stain on their day. Oh, I'm not nervous about Pretty Enemy's performance today. I'm nervous cause I'm singing a Bryan Adams song as they are walking down the aisle. Oh dear.
By the way, not sure if anyone reads these, But next Thursday, I think it's Travis, Kiger , and I are doing an acoustic show at the Little Red Studio downtown. we're playing with J.T.Phillips and Kevin Hoffman. I think there''s someone else as well. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm gonna do some random stuff that I don't usually play. Hope somebody is there.

Have a great weekend, and I'll see ya, when I see ya:o)


  • Amy
    You guys will be great and you, Forry...will kick ass with that Bryan Adams song! =)

    You guys will be great and you, Forry...will kick ass with that Bryan Adams song! =)

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