One More show... until the next one.

Getting ready to go practice for our last show before we take some time off to get some loose ends tied up. Everything is coming along really well. I'm so fortunate to be working with people with such sincere motivation to make the best music we can. As we get ready for the show tomorrow, I'm a little sad that we won't be on a stage with Pretty Enemy for a little while, but it'll only be a month or so. Hopefully we'll be a ble to come back out with a bang... I'm sorry let me rephrase that, WE"LL BE COMING BACK WITH A BANG!!! Thats better. Seriously though it's tough to get the record made, even with all the help we're getting from Robert Lang Studios, it's still an expensive process.  On top of that, the merchandise isn't cheap either, but it will all come together, eventually. I know I'm whining, sorry:o) As difficult as it may be, it will ultimately be so rewarding, and fulfilling to get this record made. I can't wait to hear the songs as they are meant to sound. You probably don't know this, but Steph has never made a proffesional studio-quality album, ever. She's gonna sound so great, I can't wait to hear her voice on this record, it's gonna be pretty damn cool. Thanks everyone that been so supportive these last couple of months helping a couple goof-balls feel like rock stars. We'll be back in the new year, our first stop will be a Hot Rocks interview in January, I know that SCAN.TV is going through some problems, so we'll see if that works out. If not I'm sure something amazing we'll fly into our lap until then stay beautiful.

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