Well hello! So, anyone that has come to our last couple of shows might have noticed a couple little changes. We have a new member, Cody James!!! We're really excited to move forward with Cody and make some great music. He is an awesome drummer and a bad ass fella. So then I'm sure you're next question is, "What happened to Kiger"? All I can really say about that, is that he is a bad ass, and a good friend and I look forward to doing some stuff with him in the future. He is an extremely talented musician and engineer, and I have no doubt that he is going to make a name for himself. I only wish him the absolute best. As far as Pretty Enemy is concerned we are looking towards the future. We're finishing up the last little bit of shows that we have booked and then we're planning on taking a couple of weeks off to get Cody really worked in, work on some songs that we've had on the back burner, make a record and get some shirts and other shwag for ya'll to enjoy. I kinda snuck it in there, but yes, we will soon have an E.P. that is guaranteed to get stuck in your CD player or I-Pod. We'll be doing the record at Robert Lang's studio, which is so damn cool I can't even tell you. I've been spending a lot of time there over the last few months, getting to know those guys, and they are all just awesome people. I'm really excited to get into that beautiful studio and make some noise:o) As far as merch is concerned, I can promise this, we are only going to make stuff that you all are going to want to wear. I want ya'll to be as proud to support us as we are proud to have your support. That being said hell yeah!!! If you don't hear anything from us for a little while, know that we are hidden away working on making something worth sharing with the world. "All my lovin I will send to you...":o)

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