9/11/2010 forry 1st blog

     So. Here is my first blog. Just wanted to say hello and let ya'll in on who we are and where we're at. I'm forry, one of the two lead singers of Pretty Enemy, the other being my girlfriend Stephie Ellen. We're just your average, everyday weekend warrior rockstars. Our life is a blur of work, gigs, practices, shows, friends, school. Ya know, all the good stuff in life. We just played a show last night at Studio 7 with a bunch of really great bands, and we're playing another show tonight down south in Oly. We'll be playing all night, so it should be interesting:o) Right now we're in the process of getting together some studio time @ Robert Lang Studios. Super excited to get in there. I've been hanging out there a lot lately and everyone there is a bad ass. Cool peeps:o) We're also getting our logo in order which will be huge for us. Then we can make some t-shirts and maybe actually be able to fund this little endeavor we call rock and roll. Also it would be cooler than shit to see some of our buddies wearin our flag. Ya know? Speaking of our buddies. Man are we spoiled. I can't believe how late ya'll stayed out last night. Usually the closing band ends up playing to the staff whille they're sweeping up. Thanks you guys so much for supporting us and singing along. You know sometimes you aren't sure if your friends come to your shows because they are your friends or because they actually like the music. Thanks ya'll for making me feel like it's the latter:o)
   Gotta admit, little nervous about the show tonight. This will Pretty Enemy's first 3 hour gig. Curious to see how it goes. Also nervous cause I always feel akward doing show on 9/11. I always feel like I need to say something, and I want to. I just don't know what, or how to say something to express how I truly feel about something that monumental. Hopefully everyone at the show tonight is just down to partay!!!. If you made it this far in the blog thanks for reading and I'll see ya around.


  • Mom
    You are my sunshine and last night was AWESOME. Sorry I won't be making it to Olympia, Love you ALL!

    You are my sunshine and last night was AWESOME. Sorry I won't be making it to Olympia, Love you ALL!

  • Sandy
    You totally ROCK!! I Love you all!

    You totally ROCK!! I Love you all!

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