Site overhaul! 

Hey everybody, I've just done a bit of updating on the Pretty Enemy website. Added a store where you can purchase our EP, changed a few things around to make it easier to navigate, added some photos, links, that sort of thing. Still doing some tweaking, but have a look around and let me know what you think! And yes, I'm here testing the blog and FB sharing.

Also, we just added a new show at the Central on April 20! Yep, that's 4/20 y'all.


November 17th Pretty Enemy and Geoffrey Castle at One Eyed Jack's Roadhouse 

This Saturday we will be at One Eyed Jack's in Lynnwood with Geoffrey Castle. We are super excited for this show, check out Geoffrey on his website:  Geoffrey is an electric six string violinist and we are honored to get the chance to share the stage with him. In other news we got our EP mastered got the graphic design stuff done and sent it off to discmakers last week. We should get the shipment on the 15th so we plan to have our EP on hand for you!!! We really took our time with…Read more

C'mon Baby! 

So it's been a couple weeks since we played a show. It's been nice to be able to take the time and work through some of the songs. When you're constantly gigging it's hard to work new stuff in, you don't feel like it's going to be givin the time to work itself out right. By the time we come back out, we'll be coming out swinging. We are going into the studio 2/12/11. Gonna be pretty damn cool. I'm so excited to make a record for ya'll, and for myself. We have the time and the talent to make something worthy…

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One More show... until the next one. 

Getting ready to go practice for our last show before we take some time off to get some loose ends tied up. Everything is coming along really well. I'm so fortunate to be working with people with such sincere motivation to make the best music we can. As we get ready for the show tomorrow, I'm a little sad that we won't be on a stage with Pretty Enemy for a little while, but it'll only be a month or so. Hopefully we'll be a ble to come back out with a bang... I'm sorry let me rephrase that, WE"LL BE COMING…Read more


Well hello! So, anyone that has come to our last couple of shows might have noticed a couple little changes. We have a new member, Cody James!!! We're really excited to move forward with Cody and make some great music. He is an awesome drummer and a bad ass fella. So then I'm sure you're next question is, "What happened to Kiger"? All I can really say about that, is that he is a bad ass, and a good friend and I look forward to doing some stuff with him in the future. He is an extremely talented musician and…Read more


     Well, it's Saturday morning, Pretty Enemy is getting ready to play our drummer, Chris Kiger's, brothers, wedding. It's been raining like crazy all week, but it's surprizingly nice out. Hope it stays this this way, it's an outdoor wedding, so I've been a little stressed out. However my stress is probably nothing compared to the brides level of anxiety. We learned a bunch of covers for the wedding some may remain in our repertoire, some probably won't. I always hate playing weddings not because I hate…

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Just got back from rockin the 4th ave Tavern. Any apprehension I initially had was immediately assuaged after meeting our sound tech for the evening Ben. Super nice guy who obviously knows his stuff. When we first got there, the part of the building where the stage is, was a little quiet. I was kinda expectin' to play to a bunch of chairs. So after we set up, we decided it would be a good idea to walk around town in an attempt to get some people people who didn't have some set plans to come in and check out…Read more

9/11/2010 forry 1st blog 

     So. Here is my first blog. Just wanted to say hello and let ya'll in on who we are and where we're at. I'm forry, one of the two lead singers of Pretty Enemy, the other being my girlfriend Stephie Ellen. We're just your average, everyday weekend warrior rockstars. Our life is a blur of work, gigs, practices, shows, friends, school. Ya know, all the good stuff in life. We just played a show last night at Studio 7 with a bunch of really great bands, and we're playing another show tonight down south in…Read more

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